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Recharge™ Brochure


1. Open the PDF file and enter your contact information in the field provided on the back panel.

2. Print or save to your hard drive

3.  Use FedEx/Kinko’s to print in “glossy white”. Save it to a thumb drive and bring it to to them or email them (specify number and “fold on short edge/two-sided color copies)


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How to take Recharge™

Lokahi Guru will send this document with each order of Recharge™

You can also send it yourself after customizing it with your info


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Business Cards 

For your use. Customize with your name, contact info, and all-important affiliate link

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Letterhead for your use

Feel free to customize with your information and use.

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8-1/2 x 11 Display Handouts

 (coming soon)

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