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What are some of the risks of exosome usage? 

When you test exosomes for ingredients, they will show as just normal saline…unless you know how to look 

Numerous studies prove that the risk of dying from Covid correlates with shortened telomeres. 

With comedians being physically reprimanded for their jokes, is only ageism the last remaining “ism” that you can joke about?


In this 17-minute video, Dr. Ed Park of Recharge Biomedical explains some of the possible risks associated with exosomes.

EXOSOME BLOG- August 15, 2019

Competitors spread disinformation to increase market share

Telomere Blogs (Nov 10th, 2017)

As I’ve stated from before, during, and now after the height of the concerns around Covid-19, those with immune senescence or shortened telomeres have the highest rates of dying.
Before:  Nov 10, 2017
During: March 14, 2020
After: (there are many articles)

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