Most frequent questions and answers

Recharge™ contains the world’s safest and time-honored adaptogens: gynostemma, holy basil, ashwagandha, and a purified Astragalus extract.   Rather than overpowering or over-steering the body and its systems, an adaptogen is a substance that restores balance and flow. That is why adaptogens work differently in each person although they do tend to restore health in mysterious ways.

You could do that.  But we believe the ratios of these adaptogens, like the mixing of primary colors, makes a perfectly balanced and synergistic product that cannot be easily achieved.  By extraction, we are able to concentrate certain crucial ingredients way beyond what would normally be available in the raw materials.

It all comes down to whom you trust.  I have dedicated myself to openly sharing information and serving others in their quest for better health and longevity.  I have contracted with the most ethical and experienced nutraceutical company in the industry and we perform safety, purity, and uniformity testing before and after bottling of the certified, organically-grown ingredients. I have had many patients who have shared their experiences trying other forms of purified Astragalus root derivatives which are shipped from Asia.  Interestingly, they have reported variable effects from batch-to-batch and some report “harshness” or headaches.  That is because less pure extracts are cheaper to produce and contain unwanted impurities. A monthly subscription of RECHARGE™ is safe, affordable, convenient, and I believe it will improve your quality of life.