PODCAST 48: “Karl G – Allstar”


In this really fun 16-minute video, I interview Karl about hitting and batting his age at 76.

He talks about getting into an Ivy league college as his “safety school”, flying three jumbo jets with 5,000 mink into post-war Japan as a 21-year-old stranger in a strange land, and his dream of taking batting lessons from a defrosted Ted Williams.

We discuss old-time baseball which was like cricket because you could run on a ball fouled backwards and how the umpires rig the games so that the pros can win during fantasy baseball camp.

Finally, Karl talks openly about his experiences taking TA-65, a telomerase activator, and the other keys to being incredibly productive and relatively healthy as he ages chronologically but not biologically.  Karl is an inspiration and a great guy to get to know.


See this blog for a discussion of his telomere changes while taking TA-65