Telomere Timebombs, by Edward Park, MD

This fresh, fascinating and often funny book by Dr. Ed Park teaches you why we get old and sick and describes the journeys back to health and youth experienced after taking Telomerase Activation Medicine. It outlines a future in which Telomerase Activation Medicine has changed all your expectations about getting old!


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Revolutionary book by Dr. Ed Park defuses the ‘Terror’ of Aging

Harvard-trained Dr. Ed Park is breaking new ground by presenting a scientifically-proven way to reverse aging and improve health with his compelling new book.

Showcasing his grand unifying “STEM CELL THEORY OF AGING”, Dr. Ed Park’s entertaining and insightful book introduces readers to Telomeres – repetitive DNA sequences that play a vital role in aging and health.

While life-changing, Dr. Park’s wisdom is far from complicated. In fact, using entertaining analogies ranging from queen bees to automobile repair, the book is poised to resonate with young and old around the world.

Dr. Park explains how telomerase activation medicine can provide a lifetime of better sleep, healthier skin, better mood, better exercise recovery time, and even an improved sex life.

Praise for Telomere Timebombs

“Dr. Ed Park is on to something. A new way to age by turning back the clock!” TTB_ChaptersSuzanne Somers

“In my view, Dr. Park has chosen the correct attitude for us to think about the process of aging – not as an inevitable component of the human condition but as one that is consistent with the views of most biogerontologists today who appreciate the exponential rate of progress that is now being made in scientific laboratories engaged in our field of human longevity research. His writing style and persuasive logic are a pleasure to read.” – L. Stephen Coles, M.D., Ph.D. UCLA (The world’s expert in Supercentenarians (people over 110 years old)

“Dr. Park’s book offers a clear and friendly account of the role of telomeres in causing age-related diseases and the enormous potential of telomerase to prevent and cure age-related diseases by reversing human aging at the genetic level. The tide is now racing in and Dr. Park is on top of the wave, leading the way for patients and clinicians worldwide.” -Michael Fossel, MD, PhD.
 – Author of “Reversing Human Aging”

“Dr. Ed Park is one of America’s leading physicians in personalized and preventative medicine – and one of the first to understand the clinical and critical importance of the biology of telomeres and telomere measurement as a biomarker for aging and health.” – Stephen J. Matlin, CEO, Life Length (A leading company in telomere assessment)

“If you know Ed Park the way I do you know that Ed Park has No Trouble thinking outside the box. The result is Ed’s explanations logic and organizational style in this work are spot on, entertaining and 100% unique like Ed himself! If you are looking for a comforting rehash of what has been said and written before you won’t find it here. Ed digs deep and pulls no punches. He basically says out loud what many of us think but are afraid to say. Telomere time Bombs is like no other book out there! Get it, read it and learn it, then use it to enlighten the world!” -Dave Woynarowski MD, Author-The Immortality Edge 

The concepts are so clearly presented that a fifth grader will be able to explain them back to you using simple analogies such as firecrackers, queen bees, and automobile repair.


Written by telomere and telomerase expert, Dr. Ed Park of Orange County, California. Dr. Park graduated from Harvard University in 1989 with a degree in Biological Anthropology.  He earned his MD from Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons and his Master of Public Health (MPH) from Columbia, School of Public Health in 1993.

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