Webinar #1 “What are exosomes?”

Here is the archive of the Webinar #1 (What is an Exosome?) I aspire to do a different topic and a brief AMA (ask me anything) nearly every week until I leave Hawaii in August 2021. Each webinar will be edited to under 30-minutes run time and will be posted to YouTube.

The intrepid few were regaled with Zoom bombers typing F-bombs and practicing coprolalia. Webinar #2 (Back Pain) will suffer no such problems.

Please join us every Tuesday 11AM Hawaii Time (2PM PST/5PM EST) 


Housekeeping details: 

1) Because of Zoom-bombers, I will need to change the webinar IDs and so please refer to the most recent emails if you wish to attend a particular webinar

2) I will send a reminder email  1 hour before starting so please forgive the extra emails in your inbox

Topics will vary based on guests and your requests. 

Send requests to Drpark@rechargebiomedical.com

Zoom Meeting Details: The webinar opens 10-minutes before start. Click the link below


(at www.Zoom.us) The Webinar Meeting ID: is 971 8916 9712

Passcode: 202107

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